Peter Buwalda, B.F.A.


Peter Buwalda is a professional artist living outside Boulder, Colorado with his wife Kimberly. Peter's work has been collected privately and publicly worldwide, including his honeybee images which are still on exhibit at the National Agriculture Museum in Ottawa, Canada.

After graduating with distinction from the Alberta University of the Arts, in Calgary Alberta, Canada in 1999, Peter has been developing his unique style of painting with acrylic ink on stretched watercolor paper for 25 years. Using a blend of wet and dry mark making techniques, his approach juxtaposes control with chaos to imbue expressive emotion and life.

Peter's strong passion for documenting trees is now predominant in his Colorado body of work. With each twisted branch, knotted root or budding leaf, Peter's trees transcend the mundane. More than simply icons of the landscape, they evoke the strength of the human condition and represent hope and perseverance. Viewers are connected personally to Peter's trees and the emotional stories told through the primordial wisdom of his subjects. These stories echo the majesty, hardship and fortune of our own lives, through will or by chance.