Peter Buwalda, B.F.A.

Peter Buwalda moved to Erie from Canada and happily lives and creates with his wife Kimberly; who is a true Colorado Native and this artist's best friend and partner in life.

Born in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada, in 1976, Buwalda graduated with honours from Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, in the spring of 1999. Since then, Peter has participated in painting murals across Canada, partnered to build and grow a native plant nursery and natural shoreline restoration company, and was Senior Trail Technician for the Algonquin Highlands’ Water Trails System a few hours North of Toronto.

Peter is a proud father to two superstar teenage daughters.

His work has been collected privately and publicly world-wide, including his honeybee images that are still shown in the Education Building of the National Agriculture Museum in Ottawa.

 Buwalda’s practice relies heavily on his field work and research, drawing and mapping objects throughout the wilds, studying texts in studio, and tending plants at home. He hopes his artwork will inspire people to step lightly in nature, and he is constantly striving to create work that describes its components in a new and animate fashion. 

Buwalda feels that his confidence as an art maker has been bolstered through his investigations into the science behind his vast array of available subjects. These, in turn, guide him to discover more about mark-making. The years working for the Trails Department were very formidable in this regard. “The most important thing for me is to try to become as informed as I can be about the planet we share, and the state that it is currently in. Art is my way of staying positive; by focusing my attention on both microscopic and the cosmological levels, and finding beauty and awe there. It is hard not to feel amazed at the interconnectedness between all living things, how fortunate we are just to be here, and how fragile it all is. If that impression lasts with the viewer, and in turn their relationship with the earth grows even a little, then I have done my job.”

Peter adds to this an approach that is often automatic in nature;  a blend of control and chaos is in the making of each piece of art, giving it life and flux. 

Peter Buwalda

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Erie, Colorado