On the Art Trail with Peter Buwalda : A Taste of Cinder Lake

In 2017 I painted "Cinder lake beaver dam", 24"x42", with acrylic ink on stretched 300lb arches paper, showing this location in Haliburton Highlands Water Trails during high water. During Spring the crossing can be very hard, almost impossible, to get to the main lake access point. The other day I came across a post from a recent camper showing that same crossing and beaver dam in low water which brought me back to that really interesting lake. I used my artistic license by adding the cardinal flower. That species does indeed grow on this route to Cinder, along the creeks and floodplains so it wasn't a stretch to paint it into this context. I am pretty fond of the curve of water in my painting as it cusps over the dam. And I thought my greens were too bright at first but seeing this new post makes me realize maybe I was remembering correctly!

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