From the Archives, 2005

A few days ago I received an email from a Buwalda collector telling me they had finally found the forever home for a painting of mine purchased nearly twenty years ago. He sent me a photo of it hanging with the comment:

"It is finally in its right place!  Our renovated log cabin by a very similar landscape on our island on Lake Temagami!! " 

It is moments like this that is why I make art. It was nice to see this piece hung proudly where it was intended to so many years ago.

I sometimes get so caught up in present work study that I forget to look back on work that led me here. In this case I am reminded of a time I was focused more on the automatic line, loose gestures and blind drawing. The real act of mark making without constraints on what the final painting needed to land to be successful in my mind. Between 2004-07 I was really experimental, and when I look back on work from these years I am reminded of the excitement of creating. I still feel that every time I paint, in fact I still attempt to challenge my self with every new painting but welcomed the reminder that my art should involve real play more often. 

This painting, "Ragged" embodies that. Thanks, Harold, for the note!

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